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Step 1: Email

A valid email address is required to receive application updates and customer information.

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Step 2: Maid Information

Personal Information

Hygeia Maid Service is committed to keeping our customers safe. We run background checks to screen maid service professionals for any criminal offenses.


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Step 3: Residential Address

Your address is required in order to send you maid-related supplies (if necessary) and to also determine which customers are in your area.

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Step 4: Background Check

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Step 5: Equipment / Insurance

THIS IS STILL UNDER CONSIDERATION -James. Each maid is welcome to use their own equipment and purchase their own bonding/insurance, as long as they meet the required standards and are approved. For those that would like for the company to supply them, the company will subtracts a small fee from the price of each house cleaning in order to cover the maid. We believe these prices are very reasonable. (The insurance and bonding fee is 2.5%, equipment fee is 1.5%, and uniform and supplies fee is 1%.) The total fee for all three, subtracted from each cleaning, is an average of $6.00 per cleaning.

What would you like the company to provide you with?

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Step 6: Online Interview

THIS IS STILL UNDER CONSIDERATION -James. Short Online interview to go over job and duties. Date/time selector with set days that are available for me to talk to them. Video call using Skype. Choose two possible dates and times on the calendar to schedule an interview. If you cannot make it to the first then arrive at the second time.

Need to make it so the last 5 parts are completed before they can submit the application.

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